Manual Music

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Manual Music was started by Paul Hazendonk just after the summer of 2005, initially as a sublabel of the Basic Beat record company where he worked at the time. The label quickly gained international fame with its first couple of releases and had managed to build a solid reputation ever since. When Paul left Basic Beat in 2009 to start his own record company, he adopted the Manual Music brand name.

Nowadays Manual Music is more than “just” a record label. Of course, releasing music on one of its' various in-house labels is still one of the critical elements of the company, but Manual Music also takes care of digital distribution, label management, artist management, publishing, and DJ/radio promotion via the Manual Promo Pool.

Now and then Manual also hosts an area, stage or club night in various countries. Manual branded events have taken place in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, Geneva and Kuala Lumpur to name a few.

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