Demo submission for musician - How does it work?

How many labels had listened to your music? how many labels replied and provided any kind of feedback? Aren't you tired of being ignored? It's time to start using Sendemo!

Create Your Musician Profile

During the registration process, our system will guide you to create and build your profile in the way that represents you the best. You will be required to upload 3 of your best art pieces, inscribe links to your social media and write short bios.

Uploading your first demo

Labels are looking for new and unpublished music. If you have already shared your music on social media or uploaded it to a non-discrete system where your music was exposed to random listeners, than your music had already been published, therefore, it is irrelevant for being published through a record label.

Choose only your best music and upload it to your Sendemo profile. You can upload up to 12 pieces and share no more than 3 of them in your personal page. Use your best quality audio files. We will stream your music to the labels in Lossless High Fidelity Sound quality.


The Sendemo system creates a unique copyrights document for each of your musical pieces for free. You will be asked to fill all the necessary details and to upload your album art as well. Your copyrights document is valid only if your music was uploaded to the Sendemo system exclusively.


The Sendemo system is discrete. No one can see your profile or listen to your music, excluding the labels you decided to submit your demos to.

Submitting Your First Demo

The Sendemo system will recommend the best matching labels for your music. You don't need to send more than one musical piece in order to open the exclusive communication channel. Think and choose your best work carefully. You get only one chance to make a good first impression, so make sure you are choosing your best music!


Every label determines its own rate for reviewing your music and providing honest feedback. The first time you choose to send your music, you will be asked to add your credit card details to your account. We use Stripe as our only payment system, and all of your payment details are stored and protected by Stripe exclusively. We capture your payment for 7 days only, you will be charged only after the label provides feedback. In case you did not receive feedback for your artwork within 7 days since the demo submission, you will be fully refunded.


Although it is really nice to know whether a record label likes or dislikes your music, the most important part of your experience in Sendemo is receiving feedback that will help you to improve yourself as a musician in order to improve your artwork. Don't feel bad if you get rejected. Success is for persistent musicians who are willing to make the necessary effort to improve themselves and their music. The honest feedback your are about to get is where you start your journey.

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